Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Monthly Meeting Minutes - 15th January 2019

The Shingle of Southsea Holmesian Society
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date of Meeting: 15 January 2019

Location of Meeting:
The Sherloft, My House, Portsmouth, UK

"The Entire Canon" (Paul Thomas Miller)

"The Entire Canon" (Paul Thomas Miller) apologised for being a bit jittery but he explained he had been spending too much time trying to make a Holmesian chronology and now he was broken inside.

The Toasts:
"The Entire Canon" (Paul Thomas Miller) proposed the following toast to someone or something. It was difficult to tell because he kept crying:

Watson was a forgiving man
He stuck things no other man can
When Holmes shot at their wall
He did not mind at all

I have no last line, sorry.

"The Entire Canon" (Paul Thomas Miller) between screams, proposed that it should be illegal to make a Holmesian chronology.

"The Entire Canon" (Paul Thomas Miller) started trying to show some of the findings from his Holmesian chronology, but he ended up sort of laughing and crying at the same time before he curled up on the floor and tried to hide under the sofa.

Any Other Business:
I don't think so, somehow.

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